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Stad i vatten

Let the sunshine win!



Photographic moment

Life is good!


Hello Globen

Old memories

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Tel Aviv Part II

There were sooo many things to do in this town! I could’ve stayed one more week, or two or three…


Street art in Old Yaffo

Street art in Old Yaffo

Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard

Tel Aviv flowers

Flowers in Helena Rubinstein Centre


Daniella looking good!

Daniella looking good!

Yemenite quarters

Yemenite quarters

Sunset over Yaffo

Old Yaffo

Swedish telly copy

Wavy house

A lot of space for us :)

House in Florantin

House in Florantin

There were so many places to see



Bank building

Etzel Museum

Etzel Museum

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek

Graffiti is everywhere

Helena Rubinstein Centre

More is more

Bye bye Tellan!

Bye bye Tellan!!


Stockholm is slowly waking up from winter coma, slowly. Very slowly.


Tour de ski

Now that spring is almost here, I think back in how good this winter has actually been! Family, snow and ski. We went here and there in the French Savoy and had the best ski days ever. From our window we even saw Mont Blanc (aka La Dame blanche) and we definitely started to think about going on a hike… Well maybe next year 😉

Good morning Mont Blanc

Let's go down hill

Nobody wanna rest when there's great skiing

Go Salomon!

People have fun everywhere

Magic view

Green tree

up up up

God bless Megève

No cars in the slope

Great sunset great day

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When it feels like spring will never come and the snowy icy streets will be forever… It’s good to remember that winter was like magic just before Christmas. Put on this song and dream yourself back to winter wonderland at Rosendal.

if you could only feel the odors

snow everywhere

flower arrangements


spring inspiration



christmas pipes

the fairytale tree

simple beauty


happiness in a window


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Le grand bleu

I love it all; the odors, the air, the light, the view, the wind, the colors… Like paradise.


stairs and stripes

the birds

the old gate

wild sea

look back with joy


graffiti wall

warm colors



Villefranche beach

the lighthouse

it can only bring you happiness

the magic sunset

strong lamp in Villefranche



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A nice holiday

The Côte d’Azur is beautiful even if it rains!

blue waters


watch the dog

retro BMW

brick patterns


water mirror

anchor in the harbour

harbour color

brasil luck




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